Gábor Gadó One glimpse is not enough

BMCCD028 1999

The guitarist presently living in Paris is an outstanding representative of contemporary jazz. Together with Ferenc Snétberger and Attila László he founded the Hungarian Guitar Trio. He has performed at the Pori Jazz Festival and has made recordings with the O.M.Band. In his music classical music traditions merge smoothly with the rhythms and improvisation that make up the language of jazz.

“For me art is above all a memento in the sense that it can call to mind and make visible vanished colours and forms.”
Gábor Gadó


Gábor Gadó - guitar
József Horváth Barcza - double bass
András "Pecek" Lakatos - drums

Andrea Kirsch - oboe (2,3)
Piroska Molnár - violoncello (2,3)
Emil Spányi - piano, synthesizer (6)
Gábor Winand - vocal (6)
Dániel Váczi - alt saxophone (5)
István Baló - drums (6)

About the album

All compositions by Gábor Gadó
Recorded and mixed at the Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest
Recording engineer: László Farkas
Mastered at the Ethnic Studio, Budapest

Cover photo: László Gőz
Portrait photo: Kristóf Váczi
Design: ArtHiTech

Produced by László Gőz


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Gábor Gadó: One glimpse is not enough

01 33rd (Song for my Mother) 5:17
02 ReConstruction 4:47
03 Special Time 4:59
04 Time Will Tell 6:07
05 Champs Elysées Affair 9:56
06 Jonathan Livingstone (inspired by the magic book of Richard Bach) 8:29
07 One Glimpse Is Not Enough (dedicated to Sogyal Rimpoche) 3:39
08 Deep Feelings From Home 11:44
Total time 54:58

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