Grencsó Open Collective Flat

BMCCD205 2014


István Grencsó – tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute
Máté Pozsár – piano
Róbert Benkő – double bass
Szilveszter Miklós – drums, percussion

About the album

All compositions by István Grencsó, except track 7: traditional; arranged by István Grencsó
Recorded and mixed by Péter Glaser at Supersizerecording, Budapest on 30 November, 2012

Artwork: László Huszár / Greenroom

Produced by László Gőz
Label manager: Tamás Bognár

The recording was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary


Glenn Astarita - All About Jazz ****1/2 (en)

Dustin Mallory - Cadence (en)

Claude Loxhay - (en)

Francois-René Simon - Jazz Magazine / Jazzman (fr)

Franpi Barriaux - CitizenJazz (fr)

Mathias Bäumel - Jazzzeitung (de)

Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen - Jazzpodium (de)

Libero Farnè - All About Jazz **** (it)

Rui Eduardo Paes - **** (pt)

Georges Tonla Briquet - Jazz&mo' (nl)

Robert Ratajczak - LongPlay (pl)

Z.K. Slabý - hisVoice (cz)

Patrick Španko - ***1/2 (sk)

Tibor Feledi - Hudobný život (sk)

Máté J. György - Gramofon ***** (hu)

Zipernovszky Kornél - Fidelio (hu)

Gáspár Károly - (hu)

Márton Attila - Demokrata (hu)

Czékus Mihály - HFP online (hu)

Turi Gábor - Magyar Nemzet (hu)

3500 HUF 11 EUR

Grencsó Open Collective: Flat

01 Branded 6:26
02 Ivan's ChildhoodDedicated to Iván Nesztor 5:04
03 Sugar Free 10:26
04 Slow Street 6:27
05 Indian in Hortobágy 7:16
06 Dawn Caress 4:40
07 In the Csinálosi ForestHomage to György Szabados 9:32
08 Winding Farewell 5:36
Total time 55:27

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All Things Considered

There is the moment
that is the face
Overripe apricot
Colors on the terrace

I search for words
shades of meaning
I want to be there
with you
To press through the indifference of
eternal separation
Educated truth-tellers
create a choir in four-four
In bleached white coats
they busy themselves
They want to create order
at all costs
to step over
the threshold of our lives'
decisive phase

Recite an ode
All things considered

My thanks are due to all those who through their words, their gestures, or by their mere presence, encourage me in spirit and in mind. They give me the strength to stay and to continue on the path on which I have set out. The path that is hopeless, nevertheless beautiful, because it is free; and is neither obsequious, nor servile.

István Grencsó

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