Playlists A selection from our new jazz releases

Not only us at BMC Records, but based on serious feedbacks, the international profession is also appreciates our new jazz records. Our two French-starred releases, Rebellion(s) and Drôles de Dames, constantly receive the best reviews in the French press. For example, the Rebellion(s) was selected by the renowned French music institute Academié Charles Cros as one of the top ten jazz records of 2020. In addition, both artist of the Isn't It Romantic? duoalbum – released in April this year – Aki Takase and Daniel Erdmann were awarded with the Deutscher Jazz Preis in the category of their respective instrument, independently of each other, not only for their aesthetic value but for building intercultural bridges.

After our first playlist was completed, there was so many great music left in our bag, which simply could not be omitted from the selection, so we managed to double it with a second playlist.