Attila László Band Smart Kid

BMCCD034 1999

The group, whose members are leading Hungarian jazz musicians, has played with world-famous artists like Randy Brecker and Tommy Campbell. To define their music, they prefer the expression of “organic jazz”.

“I like situations where people are not interchangeable. I like music that reminds me that life is beautiful. That is why it is a pleasure to play in this group.”
Attila Laszló


Attila László - electric and acoustic guitars
Kálmán Oláh - piano, keyboards
Béla Lattman - electric and acoustic bass
Kornél Horváth - percussions
Péter Szendőfi - drums

Zoltán Lantos - violin (1,7)
Kornél Fekete-Kovács - trumpet (3)
Ferenc Magyar - trumpet (3)
Gyula Csepregi - tenor saxophone (3)
István Elek - alto saxophone (3)
Ferenc Schreck - trombone (3)
Katalin Kunovics - vocal (4)
Péter Szolnoki - vocal (4)

About the album

All compositions and arrangements by Attila László except track 10 by Attila László and Kornél Horváth
Recorded and mixed by Károly Paczári at Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest
Mastered by András Nyerges

Design: ArtHiTech

Produced by László Gőz


Deseő Csaba - Gramofon (hu)

11 EUR 3500 HUF

Attila László Band: Smart Kid

01 Bridal Dance 5:53
02 Smart Kid 5:38
03 Doctor Q 6:13
04 Sounds Of My Heart 4:00
05 Once Upon A Time 6:14
06 Dr q 2:40
07 Native 9:15
08 Tale From The Waltz 5:37
09 Jezzy 5:46
10 The Way home 3:14
11 Five In One 7:02
Total time 61:32

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