Bosambo Trio Tongue-tied

BMCCD022 1999

Given the formation (two acoustic guitars, percussion) the trio's sound calls to mind modern Latin music in the listener. The harmonic world of the themes and the musical forms are perhaps closest to the jazz music of the '90s. The continuously changing mode of playing from accompaniment to solos and back lends variety to the sound of the ensemble, the most distinctive feature of which is its clarity, which makes it easy to follow.


Bosambo Trio:
István “Sztív” Tóth - acoustic guitars (left channel)
János Kormos - acoustic guitars (right channel)
András Dés - percussion

Gábor Winand - vocal (1,7), tenor sax (7)
László Gőz - trombone (1,4)
Kornél Fekete-Kovács - flugelhorn (4)
Andrea Molnár - vocal (1)
Péter Szendőfi - brushes on a cardboard box (4)
György Müller - percussion effects (3)

About the album

Compositions by István “Sztív” Tóth (1,3,5,7,8); János Kormos (2,6) and Péter Erdélyi (4)
Recording producer: István “Sztív” Tóth
Recorded and mixed by Lajos Pánczél at the Pro Jazz Studio, Budapest
Mastered by Tamás Barabás at the Gramy Studio, Budapest
Remastered by András Nyerges at the Intersound Studio, Budapest

Designed by ArtHiTech

Produced by László Gőz

3500 HUF 10.90 EUR

Bosambo Trió: Tongue-tied

01 D Song 9:14
02 Ivy 6:14
03 Zeno 6:42
04 Silent Tango 6:51
05 Sifrad 8:48
06 Good Morning Anna 4:51
07 Tongue-tied 6:05
08 On The Road 4:24
Total time 53:09

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Tonge-tied is the mature, well-crafted first album of a band whose orogins date back to the middle of the eighties. The first formation of Bosambo was founded in 1986 by István Tóth, who subsequently gained repute in ESP Group, led by keyboardist Péter Erdélyi.
Guitarist János Kormos won his way trough jazz-rock, achieving memorable success primarily with the Bop Art Orchestra and the Fusio Quartet.
Percussionist András Dés is the youngest member of the band, with a remarkable knowledge of world music and skills in playing Gypsy, Arab and Latin instruments.
The influence of Latin music can be felt on the harmonic and melodic world of the group, whose member all have a distinctive flair for improvisation.
Well-known Hungarian jazz soloists such as Gábor Winand (vocal, tenor sax), László Gőz (trombone), Kornél Fekete-Kovács (fluegelhorn) are featured on the album.

Kornél Zipernovszky 

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